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Directory of our Teachers and Staff

Jason Alaimo

Computer Technician

Ernestine Alexander


Ashleigh Bradshaw

Health Science Instructor

Christopher Branham

Carpentry Instructor

Mr. LeKeith Bufford

Instructor of Adult Education and Information Technology

Walker Canada

Graphic Communications Instructor

Audrey Cathcart

Agriculture Instructor

Marvin Catoe

Culinary Arts Instructor

Brittany Coates


Jeffrey Cooper

Protective Services Instructor

Patricia Edwards

Attendance Secretary

Amanda Evans

Child Care Assistant

Jeffrey Gaylor

Mechatronics Instructor

Jacob Hammond

School Resource Officer

Anna Harvley

Health Science & EMS Instructor

Aimee Hinson LPN

School Nurse

Eric Jones

Engineering Instructor

Teri Luther

Work Based Learning Coordinator

Mr. William Gordon Morris


Kathryn Munn

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Derek Napper

Digital Art And Design Instructor

Tammy Pugh

Health Science and Honors Bio Med Instructor

Mary Shores

Health Science Instructor

Joel Smith

Welding Instructor

Matthew Spolski

School Counselor

Margaret Stegner


Rebecca Teal

Cosmetology Instructor

David Weaver

Auto Collision Technology Instructor

Morton Weeks

Automotive Technology Instructor

Kimberly Wiggins

Networking and Cyber Security Instructor