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Graphic Communications

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Mr. Walker P. Canada

I am a proud product of The Applied Technology Education Campus, actually the Kershaw County Vocational Center at the time. I was fortunate to have completed both Commercial Art and Graphic Communications under the direction of two great instructors, EJ Ham and Rusty Davis. Without ATEC and two great instructors, I am sure my life would be very different today. I truly love graphics. It has been great for me. I loved it in high school, I loved it in college, I loved it in industry and I love teaching it to others. Many things have changed at ATEC since I graduated. Perhaps the largest change is the name and move to the new facility, Woolard Technology Center (WTC). One thing, however, hasn’t changed. Instructors, administrators, counselors, and support staff all strive to see our students succeed.

Graphic Communications Course Listing

Graphic Communications majors get jobs such as:  press operators, typesetters, layout artists, computer illustrators, photo imaging technicians, web designers and photographers.

Graphic Communications 1     620083CD

Grades 10 - 12                                                 

2 units

Prerequisite: None

This course provides students with pre-press software skills.  Students will learn industry standard software including but not limited to the following: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe InDesign.  Students will gain entry level software knowledge including illustration, photo editing and page layout as they relate to the printing industry. The basic print shop features covered include but are not limited to: single color press operating, digital plate making, digital printing and single-color silk screening.

Graphic Communications 2     620183CD

Grades 11 – 12                                                

2 units

Prerequisite: Graphic Communications 1 

This course offers more challenging projects that promote further learning in the design and print industries. Students will learn advanced layout, design and photo correction skills that will be applied in various offset and digital printing jobs. Students will learn many pre-press skills including: color separation, digital plate output, preflight file preparation and creation of PDF files as they relate to offset and digital printing.  Print shop functions include multi-color printing, digital plate setup, multi-color digital plate making, digital printing, multi-color silk screening and large format printing.  Single color and multicolor offset printing using single color and two-color offset printing presses are covered with all students creating a final offset printing project.  Other items covered related to offset printing include folding and binding techniques.  Students are given opportunity to start their portfolios in this course. Students will begin the Adobe certification process. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator will be covered. 

Graphic Communications 3     620283CD

Grades 11 – 12                                                 

2 units

Prerequisite: Graphic Communications 2 and teacher recommendation

Students who have successfully completed the Level 1 and Level 2 courses have the option of registering for Level 3 with the recommendation of the teacher. The curriculum continues beyond level 2 and may include internship opportunities. Students will continue in the Adobe certification process.  

Graphic Communications 4     620383CD

Grade 12                                                 

2 units

Prerequisite: Graphic Communications 3 and teacher recommendation

Students who have successfully completed the Level 3 course have the option of registering for Level 3 with the recommendation of the teacher. The curriculum continues beyond level 3 and may include internship opportunities. Students will continue in the Adobe certification process. Adobe InDesign will be covered.